Simply because the Basque Country has everything you might look for. Thanks to our privileged location in the South of Europe, Spain’s green north right next to the French border, it is the ideal tourist destination all year round.                                   

All close to each other, its three capital cities offer a huge range of posibilities:


Three different cities which share many common elements: the love for progress, their accessibility and a busy cultural agenda.


is internationally recognised for its transformation from a post-industrial city into a spectacular metropolis. This cultured and exciting city equals its global counterparts in quality and modernity.

Donostia - San Sebastian


is an elegant city with a delightful quiet life. This city, designated European Capital of Culture 2016, also boasts the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world.

Vitoria Gazteiz


is the capital city of the Basque Country and home to the Basque Parliament. It combines classic heritage with a modern, well-organised and tourist-friendly city. It was designated European Green Capital 2012 and has one of the highest rates of green areas per capita in Europe.

paisajes euskadi


It’s a collage of small tourist villages placed on top of thousand years old cliffs and in unique natural areas as the UNESCO-declared Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

tradicion euskadi


The basque cities, villages and mountains reflect the passage of time and the traditions bring us back thousands of years through an incomparable scenery. Popular rural sports such as harrijasotzailes (stonelifters), aizkolaris (woodcutters), idi probak (ox dragging) and segalaris (grasscutters) show us a picturesque representation of age-old basque traditions and daily activities. Traditional dance is another deep-rooted social event common in the Basque Country.

Basque pelota matches and rowing-boat races are the most popular local sporting events, which are widely followed by enthusiastic fans.

gastronomia euskadi


Enjoying gastronomy in the Basque Country is a luxury within everyone’s reach. Basque gastronomy, signature cuisine with several players, makes it possible to enjoy an extraordinary and a distinctive way of cooking and enjoying food.


3 international jazz festivals

San Sebastián Film Festival

Azkena Rock Festival

BBK Live Festival

Quincena Musical Festival

Semana Grande in the three capital cities






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